Lake Norman Builder

I live at Lake Norman near Charlotte and was a custom home builder in that area for many years. When I bought my lot in West Jefferson in September 2005 I began my search for a builder since my sub contractors were too far away to economically use for my cabin construction. As a builder I first looked for existing building projects in the area and walked through several cabins under construction without identifying myself. Of all the projects I walked through, the one that impressed me most was one of Brandon’s log homes near the lot I had just bought.

Initial impressions are “everything” and I immediately related to the well organized and very clean worksite, something I was always a “stickler” for when I was actively building large custom homes. While skilled craftsmanship and attention to construction details are important, I always felt that a clean worksite was a good indication of a builder who paid attention to detail and was very likely to have good construction quality and project management skills.

My impressions were correct and I am still glad that I chose Brandon to assist me with my cabin project. I think that being a “builder’s builder” is the best recommendation any builder could hope for given the extra level of scrutiny that would naturally accompany these types of building projects.

Answering your specific questions:

1. Did they stay on budget?


2. Were they on time with deadlines?

Yes. I did not expect to start building until the spring of 2006 but the weather in the late fall of 2005 and the winter of 2006 was fairly mild and we were able to get started ahead of schedule and worked through the winter getting “dried in” before Spring. You cannot count on the weather always cooperating in the mountains so I would advise that you plan for delays in advance and hopefully be pleasantly surprised when you don’t need the extra building time.

3. Are you happy with the finished product?


4. How was communication, prompt or slow?

Brandon was always available to talk to me on the phone when I was in Charlotte or meeting me on the job site whenever needed when I came up to monitor the construction progress.

5. Were there any surprises?

None other than the speed that we were able to get things done because he had his subcontractors “ready to go” as each phase of the project was completed. He got the lot cleared quickly and immediately got the basement foundation dug and the block layed, plumbing roughed in, and the slab poured within a few weeks. Framing followed with no delays and this is why project management is so important when selecting a builder who “plans his work and works his plan.”

6. If there were any post construction issues, have they been responsive to correct them?

In the 40+ homes I built I never had a completed home that did not have a “punch list” at the end of the project that needed to be done to fully satisfy the customer. My cabin project was no exception and Brandon returned promptly to take care of all of my concerns.

7. Do you have any recommendations, suggestions or tips on what you would do differently.

As mentioned above, allow extra time for construction due to weather. Homeowners often don’t realize that a major weather event not only delays the next step in their project but may also cause further delays in the subsequent steps of the project because the subcontractors that were scheduled for the next steps of the project are now also behind because of weather delays.

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Adam & Katherine Cohen

MasterCraft Log Homes andBrandon Dillard explained and reassured us that MasterCraft would be completing a turnkey operation from planning and preparing plans for our Architectural Control Committee, to grading the lot, to well drilling, to building, to the finishing touches includinghanding the keys over to us. Brandon even gave us a much needed bank construction loan square foot price. Brandon said he would be there and available throughout the processes, and he was!! Brandon was easy to get hold of and even allowed us to make changes during construction.

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Eric Rosemond

My father enjoyed our cabin so much, he had MasterCraft build him his own!!

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Goebel Home

You can't go wrong with MasterCraft! It was a blessing for us to find such a honest and competent builder.

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Jones Home

It exceeded our expectations!!

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Martin and Anne Skulskie

For many years we had a dream of having a home in the mountains. Living two hours away from our cabin, we needed someone we could trust. We felt that immediately with Brandon. There is a personal touch we feel Brandon gives his homes. We believe Brandon and his workers have a true sense of personal pride in every home they complete. If Brandon said he would do something, then he did. He kept his word-- he never let us down.

We feel very blessed and proud to have a MasterCraft home.

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Marilyn Wolff and Monroe Campbell

Greensboro, North Carolina

Brandon Dillard works not just as a builder for his clients but as a partner with them. He listened to us, helped us pick out the best floor plan for us, modified it to suit our needs, and built us a lovely mountain cabin. Being first time home builders and living 2 hours away, we needed lots of guidance. Brandon was patient with us every step of the way, always answering our questions in a timely fashion and giving us good advice. The day we moved in, he seemed almost as excited as we were, welcoming us to Ashe County as new "residents." Even though we've been in our home almost 2 years, I still think of Brandon as a friend and know I could call on him if I needed him.

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Alex Wolff

North Carolina

We had a wonderful experience building our dream vacation home with the MasterCraft team. We broke ground in September (2008) and by February we saw it come to life. MasterCraft delivered a high quality home that exceeded all our expectations. We spend more time in our vacation home that we thought we would and it has brought great pleasure, and relaxation to our family and friends. Thank you MasterCraft!"

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Mac and Linda Richardson

North Carolina

Linda and I had dreamed of having a mountain cabin for years and are very pleased with the log cabin that MasterCraft built for us. The quality of workmanship and materials were exceptional and we feel that it was reasonably priced. Brandon and everyone at MasterCraft aim to please and I value the ongoing relationship that we have.

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John K. Rosemond

Gastonia, NC

In the Fall of 2009, my wife and I had the pleasure of hiring Brandon Dillard of MasterCraft Homes in West Jefferson, NC, to complete the building of our retirement home in Ashe County, NC. The first contractor had created numerous problems, including structural, design, and code issues, all of which Mr. Dillard resolved expediently. He proceeded to finish the home in time for us to move in and celebrate Christmas. We have been extremely pleased and impressed with Mr. Dillard's professionalism, expertise, and commitment to excellence. I have rarely met anyone who has not had some negative story to tell about a contractor, but where Mr. Dillard is concerned, my wife and I are pleased to be an exception to that rule. He is obviously a person who values ethics in his dealings with his customers. Personality-wise, he is friendly, approachable, and always responsive to the customer's needs. My wife and I could not recommend him more highly.

Link to his home

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